Aspiring Healthcare Professional Scholarship

Do you dream of becoming a dental hygienist or other healthcare professional? If so, we want to help you turn your dream into a reality! There is a huge amount of demand in the medical field, and it is growing every day. There are people out there who need your help but we know that you need help to get through school first.

That’s why we created the Aspiring Healthcare Professional Scholarship to encourage enrollment and support medical hopefuls just like you.

How Do You Win?

Tell us why you want to become a healthcare professional in a short essay of 100 words. We want to know which healthcare field you dream of entering, what inspired you, and how you plan to make an impact through your service once you graduate. For example, do you plan to serve an under-represented community? Research and develop new treatments? Revolutionize patient comfort and customer service? Tell us all about it. If you are selected as a winner, you’ll receive $250 to assist you with school expenses!

How Are Essays Judged?

Essays are judged on several criteria including grammar and spelling, composition and theme. All essays will be read; however, only those that we select as winners will merit further communication. When you submit your scholarship application, you will need to include your email address and phone number so we can contact you promptly if you win.

Money Disbursements

Our scholarships are awarded to two different winning essay contestants ($250 each) each year. We choose one every six months (June, December) and distribute the funds directly to the students. There are no stipulations on how you spend your scholarship money, because we know that college has a lot of incremental costs. We want to help make your college experience smoother by awarding those with a passion for healthcare with financial assistance.

When Can I Submit An Essay?

Our scholarship program is open every year and we accept applications from all over the country. As we anticipate many applications every year, we have to make strict deadlines for the fairness of the contest. We have a rolling scholarship, meaning that there is always a scholarship to submit to; however, each contest has a deadline for submission. Below is the schedule for the scholarship program:

2017 Scholarship Winners

June Scholarship – DeAnne Lee Holliday – ADN Program – Craven Community College
December Scholarship – Meghann Stuart – BSN Program – Chamberlain University

2018 Scholarship Winners

June Scholarship – Erin Storeygard – BSN-MSN/FNP – Chamberlain University
December Scholarship – Anthonia Okafor – Public Health Sciences – University of Massachusetts Amherst


  • Must complete application in full.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Must be a high school (or equivalent) graduate. Transcript required.
  • Must be enrolled in a healthcare program.
  • Must complete an essay explaining why you want to be a healthcare professional in 100-words.


Upon submission, all essays will become our intellectual property to be re-used at our discretion. We will be treating submissions as confidential, however, and do not plan to share or re-use them except to post the winning essays on our website and/or partner sites to help promote our scholarship opportunities. If we plan to do this, we will contact you in advance.

We are not accepting new submissions for Aspiring Healthcare Professional Scholarship.

About Ansar Ullah

My dream was always to become a medical doctor. However, I could not afford the expense so I became a writer.
Here I write about dentistry and careers in the wider field of dentistry. I love to research about educational topics and what it takes to be come a dental hygienist or a dental assistant. I also love to learn more about other specializations in the field of oral science.